The trustees have agreed a policy relating to making distributions in accordance with the objects of the Charity.

At the commencement of each academic year, The Trustees allocate a grant to every school in the City of Liverpool who have secondary aged pupils on their roll.

Since 2003 this grant has been based on pupil numbers and awards must be made at the discretion of the Headteacher. The Headteacher submits an application form listing those pupils who will receive awards, along with details for what the award is for and the amount of the award. The Trustees will then make a decision as the whether to approve the awards or reject them if the full criteria has not been completed.

No applications can be made direct by individual pupils.

The awards are made to individual pupils at annual awards ceremonies or special assemblies. The Trustees request an invitation to such ceremonies, but since COVID-19, this has been relaxed as schools are not holding traditional annual awards ceremonies or large gatherings in line with government guidelines. However, Trustees ask for the school to make an acknowledgment of the Charity in the Awards programme, school newsletter or website.

All awards must be made by 31st March, which is the Charity’s accounting year end.